And so thanks to the learned James Loftus, I now have a blog (and a Twitter account and a Facebook page) on which to tell people what is going on with my art, what I think of other people’s art and all manner of things art related.  

So…here we go.  

Actually, there’s nothing much going on with my art today because thirty six paintings are sitting in the drying racks and taking their own sweet time about drying to the point where I can work on them a bit more.   

Which is nice because it’s a beautiful day and I’m going to get some gardening done.  The photo, by the way, (James said that there should be a photo and this was the first one I found) is a painting called Reliquary which I sold last year and which now lives in The Four Seasons in Dublin.  The studio, as usual, could have used a spot of tidying up.

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